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Welcome to this French website about the celebrities and their real name. The majority of the names on this site is French, but there is many international people too. Stars are filed by category (cinema, music, politicians, etc.). The stars' pseudonyms are in the left column, their birth names are in front of, in the right column. You must have got the Macromedia Flash MX (v6) plugin if you want to play games. If need be, you can download it on www.macromedia.com . If you don't understand French, this webpage was created in order to help you to understand to French words use in the website. Don't forget to try !


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Humour : humorists.
Musique : musicians and singers, French & International.
Cinema : actors and actresses, directors...
Littérature : authors and cartoonists.
Sport : sportsmen.
Medias : presenters, TV/radio producers, ...
Télé-Réalité : real names of french real-tv candidates for Loft Story, Les Colocataires or Nice People (Big Brother), Koh-Lanta (Survivor), the Bachelor, Greg le Millionnaire (Joe Millionaire), A la recherche de la nouvelle star (American Idol), Star Academy (Fame Academy / Starmaker), l'île de la tentation (Temptation Island), La Ferme Célèbrités (Celebrities Farmer / The Farm), 1ere Compagnie (Boot Camp / I'm a celebrity, get me out of here !), Popstars (Pop idol), Sex Bomb, Queers (Queere eye for a straight guy), Operation Seduction, ...
Histoire : historical figures.
Politique : French and internationnal politicians.
X : real names of pørn. stars.
Divers : miscellaneous, you can find many real names of stars, religion leaders, artists...
Tous : alphabetical list of all the names.



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